Here are some scanned images

provided by  Ken - VY2RU

This photo is of Atlantic Cove facing south. Taken from in front of the old governors mansion

Taken from within Atlantic Cove facing north. The lower ledge is where I plan to have the low band antennas. The upper ledge where the old buildings are is where the radio shelters and living tents will be located.

This photo of Atlantic Cove was taken from the hill to the southwest. It is the highest point on the island.

This a Boy (and girl) Scout adventure on St. Paul. They set up camp where our low band antennas will be.

This photo was taken from the old mansion on the upper ledge where we will have the shack and kitchen and VHF antennas. The tents on the lower ledge are in our antenna field.

This photo was taken from the lower ledge where our 40-80-160M antennas will be. Up top in front of these buildings will be the shack and kitchen.

This photo was taken from inside one of the old buildings facing south.

This is Lena Lake.

This is the old 'Officer-in-Charge' building from the days when there was a garrison on the island. No Bill, I will not be occupying this building. On the right you can see the old generator building. It has a concrete floor.

The old mansion from the days a few hundred years ago when there was a governor living on the island. That's his ghost in the window. This building has been open to the weather for many years
and is not safe.

This photo was taken at Trinity Cove on the west side of the island and is the only good landing on that side. Notice the sandy beach facing south.